Freitag, 26. März 2010

(Xbox) Amiga CD32 + 20 Games (1,86GB)

(Xbox) Amiga CD32 + 20 Games (1,86GB)

This is not a new emu. It´s winuaex with the nice skin from Likklebaer.
I edited the emu for the use of Amiga CD32 Games.
Now u have a seperate Emu for your Amiga CD32 Games.
It has a renamed .xbe and you can have both emus (Amiga CD32 and winuaex)
without any problems on your xbox. Just ftp to your Xbox and have fun ;-)

You can skip loading time. Just hold the R-Button on your controller for fast-forward.

I hope you like my little rom-collection (please use the .iso file)

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