Montag, 10. Mai 2010

(Xbox 360) 360Dashit

360Dashit (tweaked Kiosk disk 2.1)

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

(Xbox 360) IngeniouX beta3

IngeniouX beta3

(Xbox 360) xexmenu v1.1

xexmenu v1.1




(Xbox 360) XM360 v1.5b

XM360 v1.5b

Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

(Xbox 360) Free Premium Theme Collection

(Xbox 360) Free Premium Theme Collection

Enjoy this nice collection ;-)

No JTAG needed

With a lot of FREE Premium Themes .
Ready for your Xbox 360 formatted USB STICK
Xtaf Release Gui 0.06)

(Xbox 360) Xtaf Release Gui 0.06

Xtaf Release Gui 0.06

A multiplatform FATx driver (that works with USB storage formatted by the 360).

Freitag, 26. März 2010

(Xbox) Amiga CD32 + 20 Games (1,86GB)

(Xbox) Amiga CD32 + 20 Games (1,86GB)

This is not a new emu. It´s winuaex with the nice skin from Likklebaer.
I edited the emu for the use of Amiga CD32 Games.
Now u have a seperate Emu for your Amiga CD32 Games.
It has a renamed .xbe and you can have both emus (Amiga CD32 and winuaex)
without any problems on your xbox. Just ftp to your Xbox and have fun ;-)

You can skip loading time. Just hold the R-Button on your controller for fast-forward.

I hope you like my little rom-collection (please use the .iso file)

Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

(Xbox) XBMC Installer Deluxe Update Pack v1.21

(Xbox) XBMC Installer Deluxe Update Pack v1.21


Welcome to the latest update pack for XBMC Installer Deluxe.

This is a small update this time around, only the XBMC, Application, Skins,
and Scripts have been updated.


XBMCID Addon DHCP Patch v1.21

XBMCID Addon XBMC Scripts v1.21

XBMCID Update Pack XBMC v1.21

XBMCID Update Pack Skins v1.21

Changes since v1.20:
Removed: XBMC Skin Transparency due to incompatibility.
Updated: XBMC Application from SVN (revision 28414)
Updated: XBMC Scripts from SVN (revision 2605)
Updated: XBMC Skins from SVN (revision 2677)

I N S T A L L I N F O:
Use the ISO Updater to integrate any desired addon packs into the
XBMCID ISO and then burn with your favourite CD/DVD Burning Sofware.

Samstag, 13. März 2010

(Xbox) XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.20 (2010-01-07)

(Xbox) XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.20


This version has had a massive update with 12 new Skins added. Some of these
(I think) are for the PC version of XBMC, but hopefully should work fine.
If any of the skins fail to work properly, just let me know.

Please also keep in mind that some skins (like Xperience) are only in early
beta stages, however I still decided to include them into the XBMCID installer
now rather than later, as in time I'm sure these skins will reach a final
release point and be very efficient.

The current skins also went through a big update stage, which justifies the
Full ISO Release again this time (the update pack would have been around
250mb on its own just with these updates alone).

Unlike previous versions, you WILL need to use a DVD to burn this, as it will
be too big for a normal CD.


Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

(Xbox) Hyper Duel

This game is like R-Type.
Try it ;-)


(Xbox) Zombie Crisis

Here is another funny game ;-)

RS-Link for the game ISO (just burn it on a disk)

RS-Link for the game RAR (just put it on your game folder)

have fun ;-)

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

Xperience Beta Bravo for XBMC

Xperience Beta Bravo for XBMC

Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

CloneXB v2.3 (Beta) / CloneXBOX v2.2

CloneXB v2.3 (Beta)

CloneXB v2.3 (Beta)
Fill in the settings. Click start and it will copy whatever DVD Disc you have
in the XBOX and produce a true GDF ISO Image on your local PC Hard Drive and
burn it to a blank DVD/CD. It has burning support, automatically removes the media
check from all files and its very easy to use, especially for noobs.

- Modded XBOX connected to your PC over Ethernet
- Evox or other FTP server running and working on your XBOX

have fun ;-)

Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

(Xbox) BaerHyperskinz

(Xbox) BaerHyperskinz

18 nice skins for your xport emulators

Enjoy ;-)

(Xbox) battlepongx

(Xbox) battlepongx

Enjoy this classic arcade ;-)

Freitag, 12. Februar 2010


XBOX WIDE ICONS Compilation with tons of
great Wide Icons !!!!

Enjoy this nice collection ;-) Und nun viel Spaß ;-)


Sonntag, 27. Dezember 2009

(Xbox) Xperience Beta One for XBMC

Xperience Beta One for XBMC

Welcome to Xperience for XBMC, Team Blackbolt's Team Bravo brings you one of the most innovative skins to come to the platform, now in beta status and available publicly for all to enjoy.

Have fun ;-)


Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

(Xbox) BINIAX 2


Enjoy this nice puzzle game ;-)

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

(Xbox) UPDATE.:Ellipsis Beta One 1.1 / Ellipsis Beta One (XBMC-SKIN 17,3MB)

Enjoy the new skin for your XBMC ;-)

UPDATE !!! Here is Ellipsis Beta One 1.1 ;-)

RS Link:

Viel Spaß damit ;-)



Ellipsis Beta One (Friday 4th December 2009) [17.3MB]

Have fun ;-)

Sonntag, 29. November 2009


XBOX 360 - Darkest of Days (DEMO)

Regionfree - Tested on PAL Xbox360


Burn the Content folder to a CD/DVD or copy
it to your HD ;-)

Works on every Xbox360 Konsole (no MODCHIP of Flash requiered).

Have fun ;-)

Einfach den Content Ordner auf eine CD oder DVD
brennen (CD reicht locker aus) . Dann in die Spieleauswahl gehen und das DEMO zocken ;-)

Die Xbox360 muss dafür nicht gemoddet sein (kein Modchip oder Flash benötigt)

Viel Spaß ;-)

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

(XBOX) Final Burn 1.1 New Updated Sega Emulator

Final Burn 1.1 ( UPDATED !!! WITH MORE GAMES)

What's New:

-Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash randomly

-Added a new font system

-Added a zooming screenshot when pausing a game

-Fixed the Simple2X filter

-Remapped the Powerdrift gas and break pedals to the Xbox left and right trigger (Final Burn 0.517 core only)

-Added a core for Final Burn Alpha. The correct core will automatically be selected. However, if a game can be emulated in both cores, then a menu is presented. Either core can be chosen. Typically the Final Burn 0.517 core is faster but less accurate. The Final Burn Alpha core is more accurate but slower (and sometimes glitchy).

-Added support for the following games (by user request):

Turbo Out Run (Cockpit) -
Turbo Out Run (Outrun) -
Turbo Out Run (Upright) -
G-Loc Air Battle (US) -
G-Loc 360 -
Strike Fighter (Japan) - strkfgtr
Cotton (World) -
Cotton (US) -
Cotton (Japan) -
A.B. Cop -
Super Monico GP (World) -
Super Monico GP (US) -
GP Rider (US) - +
Racing Hero -
Enduro Racer -
Altered Beast -
Out Run -
Shinobi -
Hang-On -
Super Hang-On -
Golden Axe -
Space Harrier -


-All game match either Mame 0.134 or Final Burn Alpha 029706
-If a Sega game was requested, and is not in the list, then it doesn't work on my port and couldn't be added.
-PGM games are beyond the scope of this port

original thread.

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

(XBOX)Final Burn 1.0 New sega Emulator+ROMS

(XBOX)Final Burn 1.0 New sega Emulator+ROMS

Final Burn 1.0

This is an Xbox port of Final Burn 0.517. Source code is included. It supports the following games:

After Burner
After Burner 2
Galaxy Force 2
Galaxy Force 2 Japan
Power Drift
Power Drift Japan
Thunder Blade
Thunder Blade Japan
Rail Chase

All games run fullspeed even in HD resolutions with filters. The port has the following features:

-HardWare Filters
Gaussian Cubic

-Software Filters
SuperScale75 (SuperScale + Scanlines)

-Flicker Filter can be set from 0 - 5

-Soften can be enabled or disabled

-Preview support

-Saving screenshots

-DVD support (an XISO must be burned). Edit the Path.ini file and set UsePathINI=1 to UsePathINI=0 when running from a DVD.

-All GUI elements can be edited from the GUI

-GUI Background music

-GUI Sound Effects

-All games match MAME 0.134


-After Burner
X - Vulcan
A - Missile

-After Burner 2
X - Vulcan
A - Missile
Right Trigger - Increase Throttle
Left Trigger - Decrease Throttle

-Galaxy Force 2
X - Primary
A - Missile
Right Trigger - Increase Throttle
Left Trigger - Decrease Throttle

-Rail Chase
A - Fire
Left Analog/D-Pad - Move cursor

-Power Gear
X - Accelerate
A - Change Gear
Y - Brake

-Thunder Blade
X - File
A - Missile
Right Trigger - Increase Speed
Left Trigger - Decrease Speed

Once a game is started, click the right thumbstick to display the emulation menu.

Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

(Xbox) Lord FFs X-DISK german 1.40

Lord FFs X-DISK german 1.40

Lord FF's (FiREFUCKeR's) X-Disk v.1.40 german (deutsch)
Eine Top aktuelle Setup-CD, enthält u.a. Massen von Apps, Bios-Versionen u.a. Evox Biose, Xecuter2/3, iND und Cromwell, das Evo-x 3935 Dashboard, verschiedene andere (6) Dashboards (Anod-X, MS-Dash 5960.01, MXM, UnleashedX, Avalaunch, tHc Lite, *Neu* UIX), dabei startet jedes Dashboard von jedem Dashboard aus, alle Dashs vorkonfiguriert und in deutsch. Ausserdem noch massig Skins und Emulatoren. Kann XBMC als Dashboard einrichten. Installiert in der neusten Version alles auf der F: Partition und gibt Starthilfe fakks booten von F nicht funktioniert. Stilecht natürlich auch mit den passenden Covers, für DVD und Hülle.

(Xbox) SlaYers EvoX Auto-Installer 2.7FINAL

SlaYers EvoX Auto-Installer 2.7FINAL

SlaYer's EvoX Auto-Installer v2.7:
* Ability to easely change the default dash between EvoX / XBMC / Ava / UnleashX(info) on any kind of HDD
* 137GB HD's and the G: Drive
* XBOX v1.0 - V1.6 Support through new v1.6 Bioses (possible future versions too)
* Ability to restore the retail Xbox HD to retail mode
* Ability to Format the C: E: F: G: or X:,Y:,Z: partitions independently
* Latest Stable Media Center XBMC Custom Configured with ShoutCast Radio and lots of cool Scripts
* Ability to flash virtually ANY v1.0-v1.6 XBOX MOD chip & some TSOPs with 256K or 1MB
* Ability to restore the latest v1.0-v1.6 compatible M$ dash
* Comprehensive Step-by-Step Instalation and troubleshooting manual, released as locked & encrypted PDF 5.0 for better compatibility

Software Included (some new, some cleaned up and updated versions from v2.6):
* boXplorer 0.96 G: Patched
* M$ Dash Live v5960 ( v1.0 - v1.6 compatible )
* dvd2xbox(info) v0.7.7 (with cool Project Mayhem III skin)
* EvoX Dash v1.8.3935
* XBMC 2.0.0 (10-26-2006 CVS T3CH build) w/ PMIII, X360 & Blackbolt Classic 2.0 Skins
* Avalaunch(info) (auto-updatable on-line & can download the Qwix(info) PC ISO Manager)
* DVDX v2.0 Region Free
* UnleashX Dash V0.37.1218 Build 543
* Xboxdash dvd region free patch disc v1.03 (to be used on the older 4920 dash only!)

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

(Xbox) XBMC Installer Deluxe.v1.10

XBMC Installer Deluxe.v1.10

Release Notes:
Welcome to the latest version of Xbox Media Center (XBMC) Installer Deluxe.

This new version has had a lot of updates and additions made. Firstly, an Emulator and Rom Installer has been added (which is the same system as Auto-Installer Deluxe). Also, the Softmod system used by the installer has now been updated to SID v5.10 Final. Lastly, there is now a new option to install or uninstall XBMCID to your Xbox Hard Drive.

Enjoy ;-)

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Windows CENET 420 on the Microsoft Xbox

Description (With Focus Support)

Short Q&A:

What - Windows CE.NET 4.20 on the Microsoft Xbox (Proof of concept)

Who - Artifex & Phoenix, with the assistance and support of http:/

Why - Because we can, and it's cool

How - Modified XbeBoot, custom BSP, and lots of luck

Usage - Throw default.xbe and NK.nb0 in a directory on your xbox. Plug in a
usb mouse, prefferably not through a controller's hub. Launch via your
preferred method. Unplug the gamepad as soon as it starts running, otherwise
the usb init may hang. Some text should appear briefly, then the screen will
go black for a moment. Give it 3-5 seconds, and the desktop should appear.
You will most likely not have a mouse cursor, but the mouse should be
functional. Keyboard will not yet work. (see below for details.)

Focus Support is now added to allow you to run the Ce-Xbox
proof of concept code on your v1.4/v1.5

*NOTE* The CE image that's included in this release hasn't
changed, there have been some other small tasks completed
for the project, but we still need help. Remember please
visit our site for updates or visit
#xbox-windows on irc://

XPR Express


A GUI tool for creating and extracting XPR files written by EqUiNoX. With this tool you are able to fully extract or view all texture within XPR's. This is a ideal tool for budding skinners or even recovering your images.

Sonntag, 20. September 2009

XBMC Skin Rapier for XBOX & PC "NEW Skin"


Enjoy this great skin for your XBMC ;-)

Works fine on Xbox and PC !!!

I would recommend the latest svn builds.

Xperience Wallpaper Pack

Xperience Wallpaper Pack available for download

Team B has been hard at work to bring you Xperience in all it's glory, but a little side project that has gone on was the creation of a wallpaper pack with 9 different sizes all in .jpg AND .png format for everyone to enjoy.

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build 0306 // v280275

XBOX Backup creator is an ISO burner for XBOX games. With this application, you will be able to create and burn ISO files of your XBOX and XBOX 360 games.

Xbox360 Backup Creator v2.9 Build 0306 (UPDATE !!!)

(old version)

(Xbox) metroid dual 720p SKIN for ZSNEXBOX

(Xbox) metroid dual 720p SKIN for ZSNEXBOX

Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

(Xbox) The Red Star (Unreleased)

The Red Star (Unreleased)

This game was never released on Xbox!

Enjoy ;-)

Dienstag, 25. August 2009


What is Xpadder?
Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad

What does Xpadder let you do?
- Play PC games with poor or no gamepad support
- Add gamepad support to emulated, internet and DOS games
- Play multiplayer games with each player using a gamepad
- Control video/music players using their shortcut keys
- Use a gamepad with a web browser or any Windows application

Technical details?
- Supports Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7
- Works on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows
- Full keyboard and mouse emulation
- Supports up to 16 controllers at the same time (multiplayer)
- Rumble (force feedback) and advanced fine-tuning options
- Create and share any layout for any controller
- Multiple profile management using sharable files
- Designed for gamepads, joysticks, arcade sticks, steering wheels, dance mats, drum kits, guitars...

Mit dieser Freeware koennen sie ihr gamepad mit Tastaturtasten belegen dies ist nuetzlich in Spielen wie Crysis die nur bestimmte gamepads akzeptieren hiermit kann man jedes Spiel mit gamepad spielen.
(Maus kann natuerlich auf einen Analogstick gelegt werden.)

Deutscher Patch:

Praktisch. Leicht zu bedienen. Funktioniert ohne Probleme unter fast jeden Betriebssystem.

Montag, 24. August 2009

Slackware on Xbox

sXb is a Slackware distribution that runs on the Xbox. It is based on the SLAX LiveCD and can be run from CD or installed to the Xbox hard drive as either FATX or as a ReiserFS loopback.

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

(Xbox) Super Mario World 226 Hacks (with SNES Emulator)

Super Mario World (226 Hacks)

Enjoy this ultimate Mario World Hack Compilation !

If you like Mario World -
You will love this one ;-)

If you like Mario Kart for SNES
I´ve got 2 nice mods for u !!!
Mario KArt R1.1 and Mario Kart Offroad V0.7

Mario Kart MODS with Emulator=

If you just need the roms=
Mario KArt R1.1:

Mario Kart Offroad V0.7:

Sonntag, 16. August 2009

(Xbox) Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Enjoy this classic fighting game !!!


(Xbox) Dragons of Rage

Dragons of Rage

Here is another great fighting gama ala
Beats of Rage !

Immer voll auf die Fresse ;-)

(Xbox) Asterix And Caesars Challenge

Asterix And Caesars Challenge

Enjoy ;-)