Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Windows CENET 420 on the Microsoft Xbox

Description (With Focus Support)

Short Q&A:

What - Windows CE.NET 4.20 on the Microsoft Xbox (Proof of concept)

Who - Artifex & Phoenix, with the assistance and support of http:/

Why - Because we can, and it's cool

How - Modified XbeBoot, custom BSP, and lots of luck

Usage - Throw default.xbe and NK.nb0 in a directory on your xbox. Plug in a
usb mouse, prefferably not through a controller's hub. Launch via your
preferred method. Unplug the gamepad as soon as it starts running, otherwise
the usb init may hang. Some text should appear briefly, then the screen will
go black for a moment. Give it 3-5 seconds, and the desktop should appear.
You will most likely not have a mouse cursor, but the mouse should be
functional. Keyboard will not yet work. (see below for details.)

Focus Support is now added to allow you to run the Ce-Xbox
proof of concept code on your v1.4/v1.5

*NOTE* The CE image that's included in this release hasn't
changed, there have been some other small tasks completed
for the project, but we still need help. Remember please
visit our site for updates or visit
#xbox-windows on irc://

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