Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

(XBOX) Final Burn 1.1 New Updated Sega Emulator

Final Burn 1.1 ( UPDATED !!! WITH MORE GAMES)

What's New:

-Fixed a bug that caused the emulator to crash randomly

-Added a new font system

-Added a zooming screenshot when pausing a game

-Fixed the Simple2X filter

-Remapped the Powerdrift gas and break pedals to the Xbox left and right trigger (Final Burn 0.517 core only)

-Added a core for Final Burn Alpha. The correct core will automatically be selected. However, if a game can be emulated in both cores, then a menu is presented. Either core can be chosen. Typically the Final Burn 0.517 core is faster but less accurate. The Final Burn Alpha core is more accurate but slower (and sometimes glitchy).

-Added support for the following games (by user request):

Turbo Out Run (Cockpit) -
Turbo Out Run (Outrun) -
Turbo Out Run (Upright) -
G-Loc Air Battle (US) -
G-Loc 360 -
Strike Fighter (Japan) - strkfgtr
Cotton (World) -
Cotton (US) -
Cotton (Japan) -
A.B. Cop -
Super Monico GP (World) -
Super Monico GP (US) -
GP Rider (US) - +
Racing Hero -
Enduro Racer -
Altered Beast -
Out Run -
Shinobi -
Hang-On -
Super Hang-On -
Golden Axe -
Space Harrier -


-All game match either Mame 0.134 or Final Burn Alpha 029706
-If a Sega game was requested, and is not in the list, then it doesn't work on my port and couldn't be added.
-PGM games are beyond the scope of this port

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